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digital arts

Digital Arts

Artistic expression meets the unique capabilities of the digital format!

In KidzToPros, Digital Arts class, students learn how to use a graphics tablet with a digital pen, transforming their creative ideas with digital effects. Students learn traditional art skills, but with many exciting digitally enhanced possibilities. They are introduced to various brushes, effects, and layers, along with the basics of art, such as color theory, perspective, contrast and more. Each day has an assignment, introducing new lessons, which build upon their prior work. By the end of the session, students will have a beginner’s proficiency level in digital drawing skills.

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About Digital Arts

digital arts
digital arts

The Digital Arts class introduces students to the basics of creating art on their computer using a graphics tablet and drawing software.

Parent testimonials

Kylie Pepper, The Wallace Foundation

The arts, particularly digital arts, play a central role in empowering youths - how they see themselves, how they learn about the world, and how their work can impact the broader socio-political landscape.
Wallace Foundation

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