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girls in sports
girls in sports
girls in sports
girls in sports

Girls in Sports

Encouraging and growing female participation in sports!

Through KidzToPros Girls-In-Sports program, your daughter will get the chance to be involved in female-only sports classes focusing on a different sport or game each week. We even mix in our self-defense program into the curriculum to inspire even more girl power. This program is taught by a female coach who ensures that all girls are safely learning and progressing throughout each week!

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About Girls in Sports

girls in sports
girls in sports

Through a variety of sports like soccer, basketball, and tennis, KidzToPros Girls-In-Sports is packed with girl power! Girls will learn the fundamental skills of each game to carry them to the next level while building confidence and vital team-building skills!

Parent testimonials

Dr. Lisa Hinkelman, ROX Founder

Girls experience tremendous challenges with confidence, relationships and aspirations during their adolescent years. However, girls who participate [in sports] are more likely to have learned healthy ways to handle stressful situations, have more effective and supportive friendships with other girls and have increased career and leadership aspirations.

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