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hip hop

Hip-Hop Dance

Drop the mic and get ready to move! Whatever your child's level of dance, they'll love our fun and challenging Hip-Hop dance classes!

Our spectacular, high-energy Hip-Hop dance program will definitely have kids on their feet, movin' and groovin' to the beats! Hip-Hop dance helps kids develop coordination, synchronization, creativity, musicality, listening, hearing and rhythmic skills. Each Hip-Hop Dance session includes a warm-up of stretching, freestyling, and conditioning, followed by a choreography that combines old and new school Hip-Hop moves and games. All dance activities focus on rhythm, basic footwork, and music themes while increasing coordination and upper and lower body strength. Kids dance their way to unforgettable memories with friends that will last a lifetime!

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About Hip-Hop Dance

hip hop
hip hop

KidzToPros Hip Hop Dance program focuses on all aspects of the Hip Hop evolution, from pop and locking to groove and the two-step, to dips, waves, and more. Our high energy, hip-hop dance sessions inspire individual, creative expression and help build self-confidence.

Parent testimonials

Anthony Broughton, NAEYC

Hip-hop culture offers children many opportunities for self-expression while having fun and honing their communication skills. Elements of hip-hop culture can support children’s learning and development in all domains: social and emotional, language and literacy, cognitive, and physical.
National Education Assocation

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