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Machine Learning

Machine Learning using Python

Teach your computer to learn with KidzToPros Intro to Machine Learning with Python!

Intro to Machine Learning builds off of student’s knowledge of Python programming and introduces them to Machine Learning. Students will discover how machine learning uses data to teach the computer to think and act without being explicitly programmed. The course will deepen students' understanding of computational thinking and logic. By the end of the week, students will be able to create machine learning models for prediction and decision-making. The experience gained from this machine learning camp will help accelerate students into more complex coding courses.

*Basic Python proficiency is a prerequisite to participating in this camp (see our Intro to Python Camp!)

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About Machine Learning using Python

Machine Learning
Machine Learning

In this Machine Learning course, students will learn the fundamentals of computational thinking and how they can use that logic to teach computers to learn! Using Python, they will create machine learning programs about topics such as prediction.

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Coding sends a message to kids that they can create anything from nothing if they want to work on it. By coding, they can stretch what is possible. This fosters the progress of humanity, and the overall improvement of the quality of life.

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