street hockey
street hockey
street hockey
street hockey

Street Hockey

A great first touchpoint to the sport of hockey! Learn the fundamental skills of the game without having to learn how to skate.
Street Hockey is a variation of ice hockey where the game is played outdoors using a ball or puck. Each session begins with a five to ten- minute warm-up that integrates a reflection on skills learned in previous classes, followed by activities to develop specific fundamentals and skills. From learning how to dribble the ball with the stick, to passing and shooting drills, and ball control tactics, the course teaches the fundamentals of street hockey, while improving their foot movement and their hand-eye coordination. As with all of KidzToPros' sports activities, Street Hockey not only improves athleticism but emphasizes team-building skills and sportsmanship as well! Everyone’s skill level is taken into account and our coaches are dedicated to providing the most rewarding experience for each child.
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About Street Hockey

street hockey
street hockey

From learning how to dribble the puck with a hockey stick to passing and shooting drills to ball control tactics, KidzToPros Street Hockey teaches your child how to be quick on their feet and enhances their hand-eye coordination, while emphasizing team-building skills and sportsmanship!

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The Street Hockey program allowed my son to learn all about the game of hockey, without having to spend a lot of money. All he needed to participate was tennis shoes. He loved playing on a team and it definitely improved his social skills!

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