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wonder league robotics
wonder league robotics
wonder league robotics
wonder league robotics

Wonder League Robotics

Coding is the new team sport for future tech leaders and innovators! Wonder League Robotics teaches 21-century problem-solving, design and coding skills!

KidzToPros Wonder League Robotics course teaches programming and robotics through the use of “Dash” - a STEM robot. Students will be formed into teams of up to 5 students and will learn how to program their robot in a series of increasingly complex missions that encourage creative thinking, problem-solving and teamwork. Teams build courses and attachments to the robot, helping them grow as problem-solvers and innovators!

All teams will virtually participate in an international Wonder League Robotics competition with prizes. KidzToPros will also sponsor a local competition with teams from multiple schools. Kids will use their creativity to program their team's robot to complete a variety of tasks and competitions!

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About Wonder League Robotics

wonder league robotics
wonder league robotics

It's never too early to learn robotics programming with our Wonder League Robotics course. Through simple drag-and-drop coding, kids see their code in action!

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Vikas Gupta, CEO Wonder Workshop

Wonder League has reached schools and homes all over the world, giving teachers, parents, and children the perfect platform and community to engage with hands on coding and engineering challenges

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