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The KidzToPros Story

Aidan’s got a skateboard as a gift for his sixth birthday. Neither one of us knew the first thing about the sport, but how hard could it be to help him with the basics? Needless to say, our first day at the skate park ended after countless falls, and with Aidan in tears from frustration. That night the search for a skateboarding coach was in full force. However, the internet was just as disappointing as the first day at the park, and we had no luck finding a coach for Aidan online. With day two at hopping back on the board seems to have the same result as of day one, we were calling it quits when we were stopped by a young man with another skateboard in hand. After a few circles around the park with this kind stranger, the look of defeat on Aidan’s face had changed into a huge smile. Our luck had done a 180, as this man happened to be a skateboarding coach, whom we decided to hire that same day. Our need to find a coach, combined with this coach’s lack of a platform to find us, sparked an idea to create one solution to solve these two problems. KidzToPros was developed to close the gap in communication, allowing parents and private coaches to find one another online.

However, it has turned into something much more. Feedback from fellow parents and customers inspired us to add on to our private coaching model and build our after-school programs. With a growing variety of sports, conducted on school grounds by certified coaches, we have been working tirelessly to make KidzToPros the most convenient and affordable solution to learning a sport. Holding a firm belief in keeping kids happy, healthy, and active, our coaches will run them around, so you as parents,