For kids, maintaining a lifestyle full of physical activity is extremely important to their overall health. People live increasingly sedentary lives, partly due to changes in what people do all day and the ease of living that has developed over centuries. It is important to take note of physical activity when discussing health issues since they are directly connected and inseparable. This is especially true for kids. Physical activity can have a wealth of benefits for kids and is the subject of much discussion as to how parents and schools can use physical activity as a means of managing kids’ overall health. In this article, we discuss the benefits of physical activity for kids.

Mental Health

Physical activity has been proven to improve mental health. The simple act of getting up and moving can have a dramatic effect on a person’s mental health. Life can be stressful, and many kids find that regular physical activity can take their minds off of their problems and concerns. According to the American Psychological Association, exercise has a positive effect on kids’ mental health and may protect their mental health over time.

An increase in physical activity is often one of the first things that physicians and mental health experts recommend when trying to help someone with mental health issues. Being physically active, even in a moderate way, can address mental health concerns from a psychological and biological perspective. Activity releases chemicals in the brain and body that have proven to help people change their mood, making it easier to address mental health concerns. Being active also helps them find a change of scenery and a distraction from any problems that they are dealing with. Both increasing physical activity and changing the scenery can lead to powerful improvements in mental health.

Kids of all ages struggle with the ability to regulate their emotions and experience problems that can feel like the end of the world. Learning coping strategies can be an effective way of addressing mental health issues without the need for more serious interventions at a later time. Physical activity is accessible for most kids, and most kids could benefit from more of it. It doesn’t cost anything, require professional assistance, or need to figure out correct dosages.

Social Skills Development

Since the majority of activities that kids participate in are group activities, it is the perfect time for them to learn to be social. Communication and teamwork are all but required for most activities, which gives kids time to learn how to be social. Parents like to take this into account when deciding which activities their child will be involved in. 

Social skills development is one of the most important parts of early childhood development. It will impact how well kids learn to interact with others, as well as, their ability to communicate. A group of like-minded parents looking for a way to socialize their kids can help develop and manage social behavior in their kids. This is not uncommon since it gives the parents the option of having more control over who their kids spend time with. 

The increase in busy work schedules and other things to do during the day can also make it difficult for parents to find a peer group for their kids. By enrolling their kids in a program based on physical activity, like a sports team, an after-school program or a sports camp, parents not only provide a valuable activity for their kids, they also gain access to a peer group with at least one similar interest. 

Health Management Training

Being physically active is a way of teaching kids about managing their health. A challenge that many adults have is a lack of knowledge about their general health and how to manage it. Many people want to lose weight through activity, but often fail because they do not know enough about what activities work, proper technique, and other general pieces of information about how to be active. 

Helping kids be active at an earlier age can teach them the foundational information that they need to know to stay healthy for the rest of their lives. Most organized sports programs focus on education as much as they do on teaching the skills of the sport. Throughout your child’s experience, he or she will gain the knowledge needed to make better fitness choices, as well as the skills needed to take action on their fitness goals. The more your child knows about fitness and overall health, the more likely he or she is to be able to maintain better health over time. 

Balance Enjoyment with Health

physical activity

Physical activity can be beneficial for anyone, especially kids. However, focusing too much on the health benefits can lead to an unpleasant experience. Rather than focusing solely on the health benefits, it is just as important to focus on the enjoyable parts of the activity. This will let your child have fun rather than consistently worrying about their performance and the associated competitive outcomes. Let them enjoy their activity and you can enjoy seeing them thrive in an environment where they are both having fun and maintaining their overall health in a sustainable way. 

There are many more benefits to physical activity that your kids can take advantage of to stay healthy and have a good time. KidztoPros helps support positive physical health with a complete catalog of summer camps, online programs, park pods, and activities for kids in preschool up to 8th grade. With classes available throughout the year, there is never a shortage of activities to try to keep your kids physically active and happy.  


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