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Coding Game Design

Game Design and Animation with Scratch

Summer Camp

Give your child a jump start in coding animations and games!

KidzToPros 5-day Game Design and Animation with Scratch Camp focuses on the foundational computer coding concepts like sequencing, branching, looping, and variables. Your child will develop both fundamental and more advanced programs using Scratch programming language. They'll think creatively, reason systematically, problem-solve and work collaboratively. Students will leave the program with the skills to build various types of computer projects, including musical, artistic, and gaming programs, and how to manipulate and animate "sprites" (computer characters).

Our coaches are there to help everyone complete each session's unique and original project. During all the activities, instructors encourage students to be creative and design their projects with all their peers!

Our fun-filled day-to-day routine will be as follows:

  • Check-in - meet and greet other campers through fun games
  • Introduction to the interface and other functionality relating to the day's fun coding projects
  • Snack
  • Mini project
  • Lunch
  • Organized outdoor play with other campers
  • Partnered big project relating to a game
  • Wrap up for the day
1 week
5 days
Per Class
4 - 6

About Game Design and Animation with Scratch

Python Machine Learning
Python Machine Learning

Block programming in Scratch is a fun and easy way to get started in computational thinking and understanding programming. Students will create games and fun programs that get them excited about the amazing possibilities of being a coder!

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When you look at your kids playing video games, you might worry they're wasting time and energy passively staring at a screen and pressing buttons. But what if their play time was actually a creative outlet that fostered their imaginations?

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