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creative arts crafts
creative arts crafts
creative arts crafts
creative arts crafts

Creative Arts & Crafts Camp

Summer Camp

A week of joyful creating and creativity - fun new projects each day!

KidzToPros Creative Arts Camp brings children together to expand their creative and artistic horizons while developing lasting friendships! The program is an amazing and fun way for aspiring artists to learn how to make creative choices and solve problems, including choice of materials, what colors to use, how to connect lines, and what size of the object is appropriate to form a realistic image.

Projects include drawing, sculpting, painting and crafting. Every project helps artists develop their knowledge of art materials such as paint, clay, brushes, paper, stencils, and helps them learn different techniques such as shading, blending, glazing, water consistency and varying size or color. Artists are encouraged to communicate their feelings and ideas in simple terms discussing how different materials and techniques used in their project cause different responses. With every decision and choice, the project becomes more and more their own!

1 week
5 days
Per Class
1 - 3

About Creative Arts & Crafts Camp

creative arts crafts
creative arts crafts

Kids have an incredible imagination! KidzToPros Creative Arts Camp will take it one step further by exploring and applying their imagination into various types of art projects, uncovering true talent that has yet to be seen!

Parent testimonials

Jason, Parent

Our kids just finished their camp today and we really couldn't wait to write a review. KidzToPros creative art camp has certainly well exceeded our expectations. The teachers are friendly, caring and attentive. They did a very good job of facilitating the class activities and the atmosphere. Our kids (despite English not being their first language) were able to blend in nicely from the first day and couldn't stop sharing with us about what has happened in class EVERY DAY, a very strong indication that they were having a LOT OF fun!

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