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Film Studio
Film Studio
Film Studio
Film Studio

Film Studio Camp

Summer Camp

Calling all aspiring filmmakers! Learn the basics of creating and telling a good story in KidzToPros Short Film Camp!

During our 5-day Film Studio Camp, aspiring filmmakers will develop their own project, and participate in each other's short film. Starting with an intentional idea and storyboard, filmmakers will plan and direct their shots for a short story, commercial, or other video. Each day, we'll also present a kid-friendly film. The instructor will discuss the film's story and basic tips on filmmaking.

The iPad will be our all-in-one tool for filming, music, and editing. We will end the week with a short film festival and everyone will take home a copy of their production!

1 week
5 days
Per Class
3 - 6

About Film Studio Camp

Film Studio
Film Studio

Students will learn the basics of movie-making from storyboarding to editing. They will create their own video projects, starring themselves and their campmates!

Parent testimonials

Campos & Knudson, Education Leadership

It’s crucial that we guide students in developing critical thinking, so that they can become intelligent consumers of visual media, able to appreciate different perspectives. Film has a role to play in this undertaking... watching, discussing, and even making trailers or similar products tied to movies can develop students’ critical thinking and analytical skills, as well as, their creativity.
Educational Leadership

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