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graphic design

Graphic Design Camp

Summer Camp

Learn graphic design skills by creating fun, original digital visuals!

Graphic design is a highly sought-after skill! KidzToPros Graphic Design Camp introduces students to the basic principles of graphic design, including lines, shapes and fonts, color, contrast, spacing, alignment and balance. Students will learn to create their own business cards, flyers, posters cards, animations and more. They will develop an eye for best practices in creating effective designs and grow their digital creativity as they make beautiful, purpose-driven custom visuals. By the end of the class, students will have a basic proficiency of creating design features with shapes, layouts, colors, and more in professional design software.

1 week
5 days
Per Class
4 - 6

About Graphic Design Camp

graphic design
graphic design

Graphic Design summer camp teaches layout and basic graphic design theory for making business cards, posters, digital splashes, and more, using graphic design software.

Parent testimonials

Claire Broadley, Red Robot Media

Graphic design is everywhere, from traffic signs to the logo for the Olympic Games; software user interfaces to web site design; the logo on your child’s favorite sneakers; or the cover title in their favorite comic. With a wealth of [resources], graphic design and the ideas that underpin it can be successfully introduced to a child, particularly if they love to draw.
Red Robot

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