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Python Machine Learning

Python Programming + Machine Learning

Summer Camp

Learn Python, and then learn to teach your computer how to learn!

In KidzToPros' combination Python and Machine Learning course, students will learn foundational programming skills such as data types, recursion, and conditionals, as well as how to plan and execute projects. KidzToPros Machine Learning Camp builds off of student’s knowledge of Python programming. Students will discover how machine learning uses data to teach the computer to think and act without being explicitly programmed, deepening students' understanding of computational thinking and digital decision-making. Students will be able to create machine learning models for prediction and decision-making. No prior experience necessary for this combo camp!

2 week
10 days
Per Class
6 - 12

About Python Programming + Machine Learning

Python Machine Learning
Python Machine Learning

This combo camp will start by teaching students programming fundamentals through Python, a powerful and popular programming language. The second week will introduce students to Machine Learning — teaching the computer to learn!

Parent testimonials

Dale Lane, IBM

We need to keep technology moving forwards, and maybe introducing machine learning to children today, letting them play with it, experience it, understand it – maybe that is what will fire their imagination and kick off a lifetime of invention and creativity.

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