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coding scratch

Coding with Scratch

Summer Camp

Learn coding in fun and innovative ways by making interactive stories, games, animations and more!

Learning to code in Scratch helps your child to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively. Our Coding in Scratch 5-day Camp focuses on foundational computer coding concepts like sequencing, branching, looping, and variables. Completion of this camp gives your child a very good foundation to start building more complex programs in Scratch, and to begin learning other programming languages.

1 week
5 days
Per Class
2 - 3

About Coding with Scratch

coding scratch
coding scratch

KidzToPros Scratch Camp is designed to foster creativity, reasoning, and problem-solving. Students learn coding by making animations, dialogues, games, and more!

Parent testimonials


My daughter says she's really having a lot of fun learning how to code in Scratch! After the first day of camp, she wanted to go to the library to find books about Scratch.

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