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Mungara Tarou Krishnamurti

Where are the classes for the After School Sports Programs conducted?

What happens in case of inclement weather (rain)?

What is the sign-in procedure before a class?

What are the mandatory fields that need to be completed on my profile prior to being considered as a coach for the After School Sports Programs?

Are coaches responsible for carrying all equipment to the After School Sports Program classes?

Is there a dress code for the coaches?

What is the policy/procedure if I wish to cancel a session?

Do coaches have to take an attendance at each class?

Until when are coaches supposed to wait for parents to pick up their kids?

Where can I view the schedule for the upcoming sessions?

How do the kids know where to assemble for class?

Will there be a training session(s) prior to assigning me a school for independent coaching?

Is live scan/fingerprinting mandatory?

How does the payment system work?

Do I get paid for the training sessions prior to being assigned a school?

Do I need to notify the program coordinator when I get to a school to start a training session?