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KidzToPros offer highly customizable learning pods, including distance learning, home schooling and enrichment pods

KidzToPros Home Learning Pods

The most engaging, inclusive and individualized in-person learning experience

KidzToPros Home Learning Pods

Distance learning, micro-schooling and enrichment from the safety of your home

KidzToPros Home Learning Pods

Customizable pods with outstanding teachers, friendly students and great learning outcomes

This year, 2.2 billion students around the world will experience their education and learning at home, isolated from their teachers, fellow students and friends.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. KidzToPros has created highly customizable at-home learning pods that make remote learning, home schooling and enrichment available to small groups of students in grades K through 5. Our goal is to provide an equitable education solution for all families to keep their children engaged, learning and socializing safely during this pandemic.

With KidzToPros Home Learning Pods, children get the best in-person learning experience with a credentialed teacher and can learn with their friends and siblings.

Distance Learning Pods

KidzToPros Distance Learning Pods are designed to support families whose children will continue to stay enrolled in their school’s distance learning program. A background checked, trained, credential teacher will work with a pod of students at your home to make sure they understand their schoolwork and complete their homework assignments.

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Micro School Pods

KidzToPros Micro-school Pods support families whose children are not enrolled in their school’s distance learning program and who wish to rely purely on a credentialed teacher for grade-level learning. Our certified, experienced teacher will be responsible for the pod’s education, including setting up a grade-specific curriculum, providing needed materials, continually assessing each child’s progress.

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Enrichment Pods

KidzToPros Enrichment Pods will provide highly customizable enrichment options for families looking for meaningful activities beyond the learning hours. With an in-person instructor, groups of up to 8 kids will participate in STEM, Arts and Sports activities at home and in the neighboring parks and recreational facilities.

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