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KidzToPros offers enriching and fun activities for groups of 4 to 8 students.

KidzToPros Enrichment Pods

Helping students develop a love for learning through play and exploration

KidzToPros Enrichment Pods provide enriching and fun activities beyond the school’s remote learning hours. With an in-person instructor, up to 8 kids will participate in STEM, Arts and Sports activities at home and in the neighboring parks and fields.

The curriculum and schedule are highly customizable, based on the needs and interests of the kids within the pod. Enrichment Pods can meet 3 or 5 days per week for 2 to 4 hours.

Benefits of KidzToPros Enrichment Pods:

Enrichment Pod Structure

# of students / pod
    Days / Week
      Image of the student that follows the Daily Schedule of the Enrichment Pods based on their interest.

      Daily Schedule

      The schedule for each Enrichment Pod will be personalized based on discussions with the families in the Pod and every child’s needs and interests.
      KidzToPros Curriculum for Enrichment Pod

      Pod Curriculum

      KidzToPros Enrichment instructors bring energy, patience, and fun to their pod each day. They are aware that kids have had a long day, but also need exercise, interaction, and joyful exploration. KidzToPros instructors come equipped with KidzToPros Enrichment curriculum and supplies that we have been implementing and honing for years, along with their personal expertise and experience. Each week brings opportunities for active movement and physical skill development (such as soccer or dance), art activities (drawing, crafts, etc.), and STEM projects (such as programming and creative building activities). They will also be provided quiet reading or homework time, and can collaboratively decide on choice time activities as well. Safety, creativity, and connection are our highest priority for each afternoon!
      KidzToPros’ top priority is ensuring the health and safety of all students, staff and families involved with KidzToPros Enrichment Pod

      Pod Safety and Health

      KidzToPros’ top priority is ensuring the health and safety of all students, staff and families involved with KidzToPros Enrichment Pods. KidzToPros will work with each family to ensure their home is set-up to safely and continuously support on-site learning. At a minimum, this includes daily temperature checks, social distancing, correct wearing of masks, frequent hand washing and rigorous cleaning of all equipment and the designated spaces for the Pod. Guidelines will be provided to every family in the pod and all must agree to take the appropriate measures to prevent COVID-19, both during school hours and at home.


        Number of days per week
          Number of kids in the Pod
          Price per Hour

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