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Providing your child with the skills that translate to the 21st Century

Offering relevant academic, cultural enrichment and recreation programs that advance your child's skills, social interaction, creative self-expression, and physical well-being.
After a day of classroom learning, children need to stretch their legs and their minds in new and inspiring ways. Through recreation and educational enrichment, KidzToPros after-school programs provide your child with opportunities to exercise their body, explore their imagination, and discover new skills. KidzToPros offers a variety of programs to address the different and unique needs of every school and every community.

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Effective afterschool programs bring a wide range of benefits to youth, families and communities. Afterschool programs can boost academic performance, reduce risky behaviors, promote physical health, and provide a safe, structured environment for the children of working parents.

CASEL, Impact of ASPs

Youth who participate in after-school programs improve significantly in three major areas: feelings and attitudes, indicators of behavioral adjustment, and school performance.

Psychology Today, ASPs Do Work!

Today, unlike earlier times, a basic education is insufficient to becoming an economically productive adult, and the hours between 3:00 and 6:00 are a valuable resource for extending education.
Psychology Today