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Helping children succeed in both sports and life.

Our sports programs help your child improve their mental and social skills, develop self-confidence, and improve coordination, physical fitness, and strength.

KidzToPros Sports programs are designed to keep your child active and engaged, while igniting a love of sport and teamwork! We teach the fundamentals of each sport, including proper technique, skills, strategies and rules of the game. Our programs emphasize the importance of mindful play, leadership, teamwork, respect for others, not giving up, and being kind to one another.

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Soccer, lacrosse, baseball, football—getting involved in youth sports is a rite of passage for many children, enabling them to learn physical and social skills on the playing field. Playing sports has a range of physical, emotional, and interpersonal benefits.

Stanford Children's Health

When I think about the value of sports and why my kids continue to play, it’s because sports teach kids lessons critical to becoming successful adults. Through sports, kids learn how to work in teams, how to be coachable, how to take risks, how to challenge themselves to be better, and how to behave when they lose — and when they win.

Emily Cohen


When you do sports as a kid, you learn how to win and how to lose. You learn what it's like to put in lots of work and have things not turn out terrifically. And you learn what it feels like to put in a lot of work — and then win. I think you can't teach those lessons. You have to experience them.

Amy Roegler