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Igniting curiosity and
developing critical STEM skills!

Prepare your child for the tech-driven future

Innovative programs that teach your child how to design and develop games, interactive stories, programmable circuits, robots and more!

KidzToPros STEM provides a diverse array of STEM programs that are designed to prepare your child for a high-tech future. Our goal is to provide students with a path to accelerate the development of their STEM skills, from beginning robotics, coding and circuitry to advanced courses in game design, machine learning and electronics.


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STEM activities provide early childhood teachers with an avenue for increasing children’s knowledge and encouraging their creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking.

Afterschool Alliance

High-quality afterschool STEM cultivates interest, builds real STEM skills, and helps students connect STEM to their lives and future careers.
afterschool Alliance

Afterschool Alliance

Afterschool and summer STEM programs boost students’ proficiency in math and science, increase their likelihood of graduation, and put them on the path to pursuing a career in the STEM fields.
afterschool Alliance