Preparing Today's Students for Tomorrow's Challenges

Offering academic, cultural and athletic programs at your school

KidzToPros partners with local public and private schools to bridge the learning gap and ensure the all around development of students

As a school principal, teacher or administrator, you know the importance of teaching modern-day skills, while keeping up with the skill demands of tomorrow. KidzToPros understands this on-going challenge and has developed diverse and innovative programs that are custom designed to fit the needs of your students and your community.

By offering activities beyond your structured curriculum, your school can engage students in new and different ways, and in a more relaxed and fun environment. This allows for more exploration, more discovery, and more opportunities for team building and positive social interactions. When you promote education beyond the classroom, you’re not only enriching the lives of your students, but your entire school community.

Programs Currently Offered

What Makes KidzToPros The Best

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Quality Enrichment Programs at Your School

KidzToPros works with principals and administrators to offer a customized schedule of innovative STEM, Arts, Sports and Summer Camp programs on your school premises.
After School Programs

Screened, Professional Instructors

Experienced, professional instructors are background-checked, kid-friendly, and committed to providing a safe, inspiring, and educational experience.
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Prepare Kids for the Future

KidzToPros programs focus on developing critical skills every child needs to succeed: problem solving; creativity; analytic thinking, communication and collaboration.
Standardized Curriculums

Standardized Curriculums

KidzToPros Instructors and coaches are trained on our innovative, high-quality curriculum, ensuring consistency every time a program is taught.

Walking outside my office and seeing how much fun the kids are having while learning new, extremely valuable skills brings joy to my day. KidzToPros quickly became our trusted partners because of the value they bring with their after-school programs and structured recess.




Parents keep approaching me and raving about the value of KidzToPros after-school program. The coaches are nothing but patient and engaging. Our kids especially love the Lego Robotics and Fun with Circuits classes.




What I absolutely love about KidzToPros after-school program is my school staff does minimal work to support the program. KidzToPros makes sure every single child gets picked up safely after having a great time playing sports. Our parent are now enjoying the STEM activities as well.




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