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Helping students reach their full potential through individualized academic support and attention

Helping students reach their full potential through individualized academic support and attention

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Every student is different, and every student learns differently. KidzToPros' one-on-one tutoring provides truly individualized instruction that is created just for your student's unique learning style, personality and interests.

Whether in-person or online, KidzToPros tutors will mentor and motivate your student to reach new levels of success. Maybe your student is struggling in math and needs to work on specific skills, or perhaps your student wants to master a new coding language like Python or Javascript. KidzToPros tutors can provide both remediation and enrichment that will help your student gain new knowledge and new confidence.

KidzToPros offers academic tutoring, coding mastery tutoring and language immersion tutoring for students in Grades K-12. The 60-minute sessions can focus on a single subject or span several topics. Schedules are flexible and customizable.

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Where We Tutor
In-person tutoring is available to families in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, including the communities of Fremont, San Mateo, Menlo Park, San Jose, Santa Clara, Berkeley and Palo Alto. Not located in northern California? No problem. KidzToPros offers one-on-one tutoring virtually anywhere in the world through live video.
How We Tutor
It all starts with the perfect match. KidzToPros will match your student with a professional tutor with specific subject-area training. Our team of educators will work with your student to identify opportunities for growth, which your tutor will focus on during the 60-minute sessions. KidzToPros works alongside your family to accommodate your busy schedule and ensure the tutoring continues to meet the needs of your student as they grow.
Why Choose Us
KidzToPros was founded on the belief that the right instructors make all the difference. Our professional tutors are trained to help students grow academically and personally. We believe that every kid deserves a positive experience when learning something new.

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Tutoring Offerings


  • 60 min time slots
Number of days per week
  • Available for 7 days per Week
    4 weeks duration
Offering1:1Group Tutoring (2 or more kids)
Online Tutoring$50$30.00 - $22.50
In-Person Tutoring$70$40.00 - $22.50