Illustration of children who are playing basketball, playing tennis, hula-hooping, learning using a book and sitting cross-legged on a huge book using a laptop

Essential education and enrichment

In-person and live online programs that fulfill the academic, creative and recreational interests of K-12 students. Explore STEM, Sports and Arts programs year-round.

Illustration of children who are playing basketball, playing tennis, hula-hooping, sitting cross-legged on a huge book using a laptop
KidzToPros provides essential education and enrichment offerings that children need to succeed in school and throughout their life

Our line-up of offerings are designed to support the unique educational and socialization needs of every child. Led by top-tier credentialed teachers and professional instructors who are passionate about teaching and child development, KidzToPros helps your child grow and develop in engaging and safe environments!

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Summer Camps

Soccer, Robotics, Drawing
The perfect opportunity for adventure, discovery, and learning! From sports to coding, robotics and arts, campers develop new skills and learn the values of teamwork and sportsmanship, in a fun, creative and safe environment!
Soccer, Robotics, Drawing
  • A perfect summer program to match your child's age and interest, including coding, art skills, origami, film studio, martial arts and more.
  • Provides kids the opportunity to discover more about themselves and interests, while developing social skills, independence and self-confidence.
  • Whether on-campus or online camps, kids have the opportunity to socialize with new and old friends in a safe and healthy environment.
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Park Pods

Children playing soccer
KidzToPros Park Pods help develop healthy bodies and healthy minds. Our energetic and passionate coaches will lead activities and games in local parks to keep kids active after the school day ends.
Children playing soccer
  • Kids develop skills in soccer, basketball, tennis and more, and take away lessons in leadership, teamwork and good sportsmanship.
  • The physical activity helps improve kid’s mental health, sharpen their cognitive skills and build their self-esteem.
  • Organized into small groups, Park Pods allow kids to socialize and make new friends, while staying safe and healthy.
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Home Learning Pods

KidzToPros offer highly customizable learning pods, including distance learning, home schooling and enrichment pods
Highly customizable home learning pods support the education, enrichment and socialization needs of students and families. Small group sizes keep students engaged and learning in a safe environment.
KidzToPros offer highly customizable learning pods, including distance learning, home schooling and enrichment pods
  • KidzToPros teachers support each student in staying on track with their grade-level curriculum and help them excel in their studies.
  • Immediate support and feedback reduces student’s frustration, allows them to work through solutions and master new concepts quickly.
  • Students safely participate in interaction activities beyond classroom time, developing their social and emotional skills.
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After-school Programs

Children with robot
Taught live by experienced instructors to small groups, after-school programs in STEM, Arts and Sports inspire your child to learn new skills, spark their creativity, and get them physically active, all from the comfort of home.
Children with robot
  • Programs to match your child’s interests, from drawing and painting, to hip-hop dance, LEGO Masters, Minecraft and Roblox and more!
  • Participation in after-school programs helps your child establish interests and passions, while setting a foundation for lifelong learning.
  • Small class sizes help students develop social and emotional skills, in a safe learning environment.
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Coding & Game Design

Children in programming class
Preparing students with the technical skills and real-world experiences needed to succeed in the 21st century. Live, online project-based programs, with no more than 5 students, in popular design and coding environments!
Children in programming class
  • Awake your child’s love of STEM with coding and design programs in Roblox, Minecraft, Python, Java, Web Design, 3D Modeling and more!
  • Students develop critical thinking, problem solving, and planning skills as they build their ideas into real-world products.
  • Teamwork and collaboration skills are developed through an exchange of ideas and perspectives with their peers and instructors.
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Career & Technical Education

Teacher with children in class
Provide your K-12 students with access to STEAM skills with KidzToPros multi-year progressive career and technical education curricula. Courseware and teacher training supports online and blended teaching environments.
Teacher with children in class
  • Elementary CTE supports broad exploration of subjects, introducing young minds to the worlds of art, digital design and coding.
  • Middle school CTE provides project-based foundational STEAM courses, allowing students to begin exploring variety of career paths.
  • High School CTE courses advance students knowledge and expertise of in-demand tech skills, allowing them to take the next step to college or a specific career path.
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Child during online class
Truly individualized instruction created to match each student's unique learning style, personality and interests. Personal tutors mentor and motivate students to reach new levels of success. The 60-minute sessions can be offered in-person or online.
Child during online class
  • Professional tutors provide educational support that is engaging and motivational, helping students stay focused and on schedule with their schoolwork.
  • Tutors help your child establish good study habits, tackle and excel at new challenges and provide a confidence boost.
  • Programs are fully customized to each children’s needs, from homework assistance to coding or language immersion.
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Why choose KidzToPros?

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Re-imagining learning

Transforming the way your child sees the world and themselves. We’re empowering a new generation of learning with innovative programs designed to enrich and inspire your child!

Teaching critical skills

Today's children are the innovators of tomorrow. Our programs help develop critical skills like creativity, problem-solving, integrative thinking and teamwork.

Experienced teachers

Our experienced teachers and instructors are background-checked, COVID-tested, kid-friendly, and committed to providing your child an engaging, inspiring and educational experience!

Propelling higher education

Our curricula inspire life-long learning! By connecting learning and fun, we help students develop the necessary skills and qualities essential for higher education and beyond.

Activities at a glance

Our website and mobile app were designed for parents to easily manage their child's programs and progress, from registration, to secure payments, check-in/check-out notifications and feedback.

Join us!

Teacher with kindergarten children
Teacher with kindergarten children

Join us!

Teachers and Instructors play a critical role in child’s positive learning experience. That's why all KidzToPros staff:
  • have valuable teaching experience, both in-person and online
  • are passionate about helping kids improve their knowledge, creativity and physical health
  • are background-checked, COVID-tested and committed to providing a safe and inspiring experience!
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Our Partnerships


Parks & Recs

Providing communities with academic, arts and sports courses thru partnerships with local Parks & Recs Associations

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Schools & School Districts

KidzToPros has partnered with over 300 schools to provide learning opportunities to students on-campus and online.



KidzToPros provides company-sponsored online enrichment courses for employees' children.

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Enrichment Providers

KidzToPros technology platform helps partners manage and scale their programs.

  • Alley Watch
  • Nibletz
  • ABC7
  • E-Smart
  • SXSW
  • Alley Watch
  • Positive Coaching Alliance

Parents love us!

Check out why parents send their children to KidzToPros on-campus and online summer camps.

When I pick my kid up after work from his Lego Robotics class, he always has a smile on his face! He can't wait to talk with me about all the new things he's learned from his amazing KidzToPros instructors. I've really seen him open up lately and it's been such a delight!



KidzToPros went above and beyond my expectations. Coach Miranda was so patient with my son. Not only did he have a blast during his tennis lesson, he learned so many new techniques. I can't wait to see the new activities you've got planned for next semester!



My daughter just start playing basketball and her instructor was so accommodating to her needs. He adjusted his training agenda to teach her a beginner exercise while the more advanced kids were working on excelled techniques.