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KidzToPros Holiday Camps

When school is out, KidzToPros Holiday Camps are in! On-campus and online camps keep kids happy, healthy and learning while schools are on break in fall, winter and spring.

Spring Break Camp

March and April

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Thanksgiving Camp

November 23-25

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Winter Break Camp 1

December 21-23

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Winter Break Camp 2

December 28-30

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KidzToPros Holiday Camps bring together KidztoPros' most popular programs for an exciting and skill-building mix of STEM, Sports and Arts activities!

From LEGO robotics and Minecraft coding to basketball, origami and anime, kids will participate in their favorite activities, along with a few new ones! Choose from on-campus camps that provide a combination of sports, coding and art activities, or online camps that focus on one or two subjects.

KidzToPros' professional and passionate instructors helps campers gain new skills, and build their confidence. While having fun drawing, writing code or shooting hoops on the court, campers are developing critical thinking skills, improving creativity and teamwork, and making new friends.

Provide your child with the benefits of a great Holiday Camp experience:

Physical Fitness

Being active is good for the mind, body and spirit. At KidzToPros Holiday Camp, students will get plenty of exercise and burn off energy with soccer, basketball, tennis and other physical activities.

Critical Thinking

The best way for kids to learn is through play. While campers tinker with LEGOs or play computer games, they'll be developing collaboration and critical thinking skills that will prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow.


The holidays are a great time for kids to explore their creative side. KidzToPros Holiday Camps will lead students through crafts, origami, digital arts projects and more, creating a beautiful portfolio of art to share with their friends and family.

Top-Notch Instructors

Every KidzToPros instructor is highly qualified and passionate about teaching and child development. During Holiday Camps, our instructors will make sure your child receives personalized and innovative instruction while making fun memories.

Confidence Boost

Nothing compares to seeing the pride on your child's face when they program their first robot, perform dance choreography or create a 3D model. Holiday Camp provides kids with plenty of opportunities to boost their self-confidence, empowering them to take on more challenges in life.

On-campus Holiday Camps

On-campus Holiday Camp
On-campus Holiday Camps provide kids a chance to exercise their mind and body, and ignite their creativity through popular STEM, Arts and Sports activities. Each day includes an engaging mix of activities to keep kids engaged, happy and safe while school is out.
On-campus Holiday Camp
  • Play It All! Sports gets kids up and moving! They’ll have a blast, making new friends while practicing soccer, basketball, tennis and more.
  • Kids get creative drawing, painting in watercolors and mastering the art of origami.
  • Exciting coding and robotics challenges teach new skills that will provide lifelong value.
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Online Holiday Camps

Online Holiday Camp
KidzToPros Online Holiday Camps offer our most popular live, interactive classes to students anywhere in the world. KidzToPros instructors make online learning fun and engaging, leading kids through coding and design, art and sports classes.
Online Holiday Camp
  • Hip Hop Dance, Active Kids, LEGO Masters and keep the youngest campers moving, grooving and tackling building challenges.
  • Early elementary students can take their first course in coding or take on anime and origami projects.
  • Older elementary students can build coding and STEM skills through popular video games such as Fortnite, Roblox and Minecraft.
  • Middle and high schoolers can use the break to pick up new skills in Python coding, Web Design, and 3D modeling.
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Spring Break Camp: March 29-April 2, April 5-9, April 12-16, April 19-23