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How do I create a KidzToPros account and login to the parent dashboard on your website?

Do I need to remember a username and password to login or sign up on KidzToPros?

What happens if I change my mobile phone number?

What happens in case of inclement weather (rain/snow/bad air quality) or other emergency?

What is the cancellation policy for each of your programs?

Is there a sibling discount?

What equipment/gear does my child need to carry to participate?

What clothes, shoes and supplies are required for the sports programs?

What is the age cutoff for kids to participate?

Where can I view the schedule for the upcoming sessions?

Do parents get notified when their child arrives at their program?

What is the check-out procedure?

How do I provide feedback on the instructors?

What if I am late to pick up my child after the session is over?

Is this program run by the school district, city, or vendors?

How do I communicate any medical condition for my child?

What is KidzToPros auto-renewal policy?