KidzToPros offers school’s distance learning programs for groups of 4 to 6 students

KidzToPros Distance Learning Pods

Professional and personalized support for your child's online learning experience

KidzToPros Distance Learning Pods are designed to support families whose children will stay enrolled in their school’s distance learning program. KidzToPros provides a certified, experienced teacher to work in-person with 4 to 6 students.

Benefits of KidzToPros Distance Learning Pods:

  • KidzToPros trained teacher will create a personalized daily schedule for each student in the Pod
  • The at-home teacher will assist every student get online with their school’s classes via Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Meets or a combination of other tools a school may utilize
  • Teachers will ensure every student understands and stays on track with their school work
  • Students will participate in social interaction activities beyond classroom time
  • Students will stay engaged, motivated and learning throughout the day
  • KidzToPros Teacher will be a steady support and a trusted aide for students and their families,

Distance Learning Pods Structure

# of students / pod
    Days / Week
      Daily Schedule for Distance Learning Pods

      Daily Schedule

      The Daily Schedule for each Distance Learning Pod will be personalized for each student based on their school’s online programs and hours.
      KidzToPros Curriculum for Distance Learning Pods

      Pod Curriculum

      The curriculum for Distance Learning Pods will be based on each students’ school curriculum. KidzToPros Teachers will work with families to secure and support the curriculum from each school. As requested and as time permits, the daily schedule can include enrichment, project-based learning, and socialization activities. Daily pod meetings will incorporate social-emotional learning activities and mindsets.
      KidzToPros’ top priority is ensuring the health and safety of all students, staff and families involved with KidzToPros Home Learning Pods

      Pod Safety and Health

      KidzToPros’ top priority is ensuring the health and safety of all students, staff and families involved with KidzToPros Home Learning Pods. KidzToPros will work with each family to ensure their home is set-up to safely and continuously support on-site learning. At a minimum, this includes daily temperature checks, social distancing, correct wearing of masks, frequent hand washing and regular cleaning of the designated Pod space. Guidelines will be provided to every family in the pod and all must agree to take the appropriate measures to prevent COVID-19, both during school hours and at home.


      Day options
        Number of days per week
          Number of kids in the Pod
          Price per Hour

          Additional 5% sibling discount available on Checkout