Wonder League Robotics

Master robotics and programming with Dash

A fun and interactive learning experience - Dash is beloved by students and teachers!

Provide your child an engaging and hands-on learning opportunity to program robots!

Fuel your child’s natural curiosity with KidzToPros Wonder League Robotics program! The program teaches programming and robotics thru the use of “Dash” - a STEM robot. Dash responds to programmable commands, voices and sounds, and can dance and sing! It's a fun and interactive experience that will help your child learn, laugh, and grow.

Students will be formed into teams of up to 5 students and will learn how to program their robot in a series of missions that encourage creative thinking, problem-solving and teamwork. All teams will create a project that will be entered into a local competition hosted by KidzToPros. All competitions are held virtually so there is no need to travel!

Dash and all needed materials will be provided by KidzToPros, along with a high-energy, fun and encouraging instructor that will guide each team to do their best!

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We aim to spark creativity with kids of all ages to inspire them to learn critical coding skills while having fun. Our robots put the power of play into their hands so they can dream up new adventures while learning to code at every level. Each discovery, each 'wonder moment,' leads to another, all while unlocking a new way of seeing the future.

Wonder Workshop

creator of Dash

Our daughter and her friends first joined Wonder League thinking it would be a fun and engaging way to learn more about robotics. But what they discovered was so much more than that...the girls learned invaluable, lifelong skills about time-management, group collaboration and contributing to their community. By working closely as a team, they developed some pretty creative solutions!

Frank Tappen

Coach Pink Eagles

Wonder League has reached schools and homes all over the world, giving teachers, parents, and children the perfect platform and community to engage with hands on coding and engineering challenges.

Vikas Gupta

CEO Wonder Workshop