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Career & Technical Education

Multi-year progressive career and technical education curricula offers educators the opportunity to teach valuable STEM skills to their K-12 students.

Lifelong learning begins at school. KidzToPros provides CTE courseware and teacher training materials for elementary through high school.

KidzToPros CTE offering gives students access to STEAM skills as early as the age of 5 and enables them to continue mastering their skills beyond high school.

Based on Project Based Learning pedagogy, KidzToPros CTE programs have students actively building their own portfolio of independent projects. With each project, students gain an understanding of real-world challenges and develop skills needed for working in their desired field.

KidzToPros courseware and teacher professional development training is designed to be taught online or in a blended learning environment to support a dynamic classroom approach. With a 93% student course completion rate, our curriculum is tailored for students with varying skills and experience.

  • Elementary school CTE supports broad exploration of STEAM subjects, introducing young minds to the worlds of art, digital design and coding.
  • Middle school CTE provides project-based foundational STEAM courses, allowing students to begin exploring variety of career paths.
  • High School CTE courses advance students’ knowledge and expertise of in-demand tech skills, allowing them to take the next step to college or a specific career path.

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High School CTE Programs

Middle School CTE Programs

Elementary School Programs

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Empowering educators

Effective teacher professional development (PD) is essential for student success. Our PD is focused on incorporating active learning, building content that is focused on teacher and student alignment, providing effective models for lesson planning and providing coaching and expert support. We have trained over 1,000 instructors nationwide with scaffolding, grading rubrix and rigorous STEAM standards adherence to get significant student learning gains.


KidzToPros Project Based Learning curriculums provide an engaging and effective learning experience for our students. Our students were able to successfully complete their Scratch project in just 12 weeks.



While online learning was new to our students and teachers, KidzToPros curriculum made it easy for our instructors to teach online and keep students engaged. The support from KidzToPros staff was fantastic.


Vice Principal

Moving from middle school to high-school CTE teaching, it was a difficult transition. But our school adopted the professional development provided by KidzToPros and I was able to get hands-on training for the Java and Python curriculum. It made me comfortable teaching my students.


STEM Teacher